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Michael Lauer was born in St. Paul, MN. He attended St. Thomas Academy and St. John’s University where he graduated with a BA in Art. His early years of employment were with his father’s firm, Albert J. Lauer Co. (Greenhouse builder).  Albert started the business in 1947; designing, fabricating and erecting greenhouses throughout the upper Midwest.  Michael credits his father for giving him a sound understanding of good fabrication and construction principles.

After finally graduating from SJU in 1977, Michael started his studio in downtown St. Cloud. In December of 1999, he purchased the handsome granite building on Osseo Ave S. that was, originally, the office of North Star Granite Corporation.

In 2000, while attending a stained glass convention in Chicago, he met Beatriz Guimarey from Lima, Peru. Beatriz owned and operated a studio, Prisma Arte y Vitrales, in Lima. She made windows for all over Peru. She was the first one to teach stained glass and sell supplies to students in that large city.

In July of 2001, Michael and Beatriz got married in Lima. Beatriz joined Michael and his business in St. Cloud while trying to keep her own studio running in Peru.  After a couple of years she had to close Prisma. However, a few years later, due to demand for stained glass supplies, it was decided to open a new store dedicated to only selling the supplies. Vitrales Peru opened in 2007 and is doing well and her customers appreciate the wide variety of products that are available. Visit the website: , and see the fun.

Michael’s Stained Glass continues doing commission work with unique designs. We also pride ourselves in our quality restoration work. A large and varied supply of tools and stained glass are available from which to choose. Michael and Beatriz both teach classes at the studio and, when necessary, on location. Beatriz has developed the fusing department and stocks a lot of unique and exciting supplies for fusing artists. She also teaches classes and her students have had many happy results.

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